Let me, please, a little introduce myself. I am collector of light sources, vacuum products, prospectusses, catalogues, patent papers, plants stories, and all other knowledge's around the light. First lamps I asked like a young boy in year 1960. In the time was practically impossible buy the other, than usual lamps. Many years I was alone only. No teachers, no collector friends, no examples.

 My collection contains now almost 11000 pieces of lamps. Recently it is probably   most complete collection in the world. The one of most excellent lamp in my    collection is famous EDISON bamboo filament lamp (1881). Due to my start to    collectors life I was not specialised for the antique lamps. I felt, that is necessary    collect all lamps. I guess, that every lamp is important document of human    knowledge of technology and heritage of the past. Unfortunately the production of    different lamp types in the world is eminently broad. I am able to buy only carefuly    selected, basic types of lamps from the world, the number is relatively low. Other   are rare and/or extremely expensive. During few years will occur new types, new    technologies. I very like the lamps and I am unhappy to see, that yesterday usual   lamp is inevitably missed - missed heritage of the past. It is not only simple loss,   it's   missile link of men's knowledge. I am able take a big care for every lamp in my   collection. Too much lamp types goes from the surface.

 Beside light sources I like also minerals, pictures of cosmos, astronauts adventures and profiles etc. Also cats, animals, flowers and generaly nature. Non-smoker. I very like a landscape walks, moreover it is very necessary for my health, because I am a diabetiker. I am very proud be in connection many years with very important people, leading a progress in light sources around the world. Thirty-fourty years ago I found a possibility ask different lamps. I found a development workers, friendly, willing and fully understanding usual people. We are in contact up to present days. This is, why the lamps are for me much more, than piece of glass and metal part. I do know much stories, unfortunately unnecessary published it, because it is still oftly confidential information.


Stanislav Slabyhoudek 










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